We are software engineers

And we ❤️ small scale farmers

We believe the small scale farmer is at the heart of a healthy and stable agricultural model.

We believe people can make it big in Small Ag.

And we're on a mission to put our code where our heart is.

"Digital fertilizer" software for small farms.

Supporting a healthy decentralized agricultural ecosystem.

Your Two Cents

Appolis is in the early stages of meeting with small scale farmers in Central Kentucky to form a collective vision for the future of agriculture.

If you run a small farm and would like to share your vision for the future of food, we would love to hear from you. Reach out to our chief visionary officer, Sammy.

Sammy Powers

CVO @ Appolis; Powers Family Farm


The Vision

We envision a world where we reap the benefits of large-scale food production and distribution without the destructive side effects that have emerged with the current "Big Ag" model.

Big Ag isn't the enemy.

We are engineers at Appolis so our approach to addressing the negative side effects of the top-down big agricultural company model is strictly data driven.

It's not about wrong or right; it's about side effects.

We believe "global agriculture" isn't the goal. Global agriculture is the emergent property of highly-connected, fully independent small farms.

We see Big Ag as the first iteration of food production and distribution at a global scale. And it mostly meets the food needs on a global scale, but the model in the context that future generations will face is inadequate. Whereas it solves an issue on the global scale, it also creates problems on a global scale that set up the next generation for failure.

The reasons for this are complicated, multifaceted, and are tightly coupled to socioeconomic undercurrents.

There is no single "holy grail" to solve the global food issue; there are millions of them. They are people. And it takes all of us to solve this issue.

Our Two Cents

At Appolis, we're doing our part.

We are software engineers. We left a lifestyle of being paid top salaries to solve problems for the wealthy investors behind tech companies to pursue a greater challenge; to solve problems that we all face in the real world.

We believe a decentralized implementation model of agricultural production and distribution along with minor lifestyle changes will significantly improve food availability and reduce bouts of food scarcity globally.

And as professional problem solvers from big tech, we see a path and hold proven technologies that can take us to this "pie in the sky" idea.

Of course, old growth forests aren't grown in a day. And the solutions to large-scale agriculture are throttled by the same natural world clock that composes an old growth forest. The solutions to stable food on a global scale cannot be created by an individual, or even a well-meaning organization overnight.

It takes generations and it takes all of us.

At Appolis, we are dedicated to giving the next generation the best possible soil (both digital and natural) to grow their own solutions to the global food needs of their time.

We believe the impact of this movement is far-reaching; from diversification of plants and fungi represented on land, to strengthening endangered cultures and heritages, to economic localization.

We're not here to provide all the answers or hand over the holy grail of agriculture. We're simply here to connect some dots.

And we're starting with the small scale farmer.